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1998... This site wanted to be a starting point to get in touch with people interested in mandolin music, and it seems that it worked well... The site wanted to make us important: Look our name on the INTERNET!...Finally: the site wanted to give some ideas and material to visitors: good navigation!

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Mandolin related sites
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  Link   NOTE PAD di Finale versione 2007
il programma di scrittura "NOTE PAD di Finale versione 2007" da scaricare gratuitamente lo trovate al seguente indirizzo: (sul fondo della pagina). Questa la versione semplificata ma sufficiente per scrivere o ascoltare.
  Link   Classical Mandolin Society of America (USA)
  Link   BDZ ONLINE (DE) German mandolin federation
  Link   FMI (I) Italian mandolin federation
  Link   Mandolin Cafe (USA)
now with a lot of FREE MP3 files!!!
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